Acupuncture regulates the electricity of the human body. Essentially, acupuncturists are bio-electricians.

Electricity controls the function of the brain and nervous system, the beating of your heart, muscle contraction and relaxation as well as movement of nutrients and waste materials in and out of the cell. Since electricity controls the brain, it controls the functions of all of the vital organs, breathing, digestion, elimination and hormonal control. It strongly influences our emotional well-being.

By shifting electrical charges in the body, all of these functions can be influenced.

Over the course of a lifetime, disruptions can occur in the circuitry. These disturbances can be caused by trauma, injuries, scars, surgery, and by various chemical imbalances. The chemical imbalances can be due to stress, environmental toxicity and dietary factors.

Once these anomalies occur, they can cause dysfunction or pain in any organ system, any bodily function or any specific part of the musculoskeletal system. It is similar to a house with a tripped circuit breaker; nothing in that area will function properly.

The Chinese have studied the electrical patterns of the body for thousands of years. They called this energy “Qi” and the electromagnetic circuits are called meridians. Using the acupuncture needles in these areas of blockages, the metal of the needle is able to restore proper electrical flow, restoring function and eliminating pain.

Recent studies specifically show that acupuncture shifts the electrical charges to release beta-endorphins and opioid neuropeptides (Han, Beijing University) and nitrous oxide (Ma, UCLA).

Acupuncturists are primary care physicians in the State of California. We are qualified to diagnose and treat disease. We receive an intensive training in 4000 years of ancient medicine and must also have a thorough working knowledge of Western medicine. Our intensive degree of more than 4 years is considered to be “only the beginning”.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a powerful compliment to acupuncture in that it heals the body on a chemical level while acupuncture heals on an electrical level. Herbs significantly augment the effectiveness of the acupuncture session since the patient is able to take the herbs on a daily basis to reinforce the momentum of the treatment.

Chinese herbology takes a distinctly different approach than Western herbal medicine. Chinese herbs are prescribed in classic formulations consisting of several herbs used together, whose interactions have been studied for thousands of years. These formulations are then custom tailored to the needs of the individual to optimize results.

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