Extended Consultations / Patient Advocacy:
Time, Flexibility, Broad Range of Services

If the hurried pace of the medicine does not adequately serve your needs, please let me know what would best suit your health goals. You may need time to understand your condition and your medical tests, time to educate yourself how to be well, time for corrective therapies rather than a pill and time to change habits and implement changes. You may need time to learn how to shop, cook and eat in a new way. You may even need a patient advocate at a health appointment, someone who can listen and gently help you ask the right questions.

I am available for extended appointments, by the hour, by the half-day or by the day.

For those whose schedules do not allow the flexibility of an office visit, I can travel to other locations for extended consultations and services.

Phone consultations may also be available. (This may not be possible for medical conditions of a serious nature. In moderately serious situations, a minimum of one in-person visit may be required.)

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