Global Commitment

The speed of human evolution cannot possibly keep pace with the speed of social evolution. Our bodies must contend with an extraordinary mix of poisons in the environment and in the food supply that did not exist even 100 years ago. The level of sensory stimulation and the life tempo to which we must adapt is unprecedented.

At the same time, the body’s basic needs for proper nourishment, water, sleep, oxygen, movement and heartfelt community are often unmet - even in our affluence.

The current paradigm is not working.

Our health is a resource. It is the measure of our lives in both quality and duration. We need a world in which health is managed as a sustainable resource. We need support for health on a social level.

I am committed to this kind of change. Working in the treatment room with thousands of people throughout my 17 years of clinical experience has shown me many possible areas for change. If you are interested in my vision for the future or care to share yours, I welcome discussion and opportunities in this arena.

“I know not what the future holds. I know who holds the future.”

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