Functional Medicine
Medical Advocacy
Nutrition • Genetics

When you NEED Answers

Dr. Camille Vardy, LAc, DNBAO, DAOM

It is my goal to:

  • Provide a deeper biochemical and physiological approach to your condition.
  • Help you understand your diagnosis, lab tests communications with medical providers, existing treatments and pharmaceuticals.
  • Take time with you to answer questions and help you in navigating your treatment with your current providers.
  • Assess information from your many medical sources to arrive at a clear and cohesive plan.
  • Help you reach a diagnosis if you do not have one.
  • Identify additional tests that may be helpful in determining additional treatment options.
  • Identify gaps or overlaps in your treatment and pharmaceutical regimen.
  • Provide coaching and education to help do everything you can to optimize your health.